How to Decorate a Floor with Style

In need of floor decorating ideas? Well, that’s no surprise since the floor covering of any room is often dependant on the function of the room.

Kitchen and bathroom flooring surfaces need to be able to handle water, be hardwearing and easy to clean.

In a bedroom, there is nothing quite as luxurious as stepping onto rich, soft carpet with your bare feet. A family area needs to have hardwearing flooring to stand up to the demands a family will place on it.

Floors don’t have to be predictable and boring by any means. You only have to look through modern decorating magazines to see how versatile flooring materials have become.

Standard flooring materials have been given a new look and old favorites has been reinvented. Here are two popular floor decorating ideas which have been given a new look in recent times:

Timber floors. There has been a return to popularity of timber floors, and timber flooring is available at most carpet stores.

The floating floor has been invented, where a timber floor is fitted over the current floor surface. The timber is stained and looks like it has been there for a hundred years.How to Decorate a Floor with Style

Many old houses are being renovated and carpet is often pulled up to show beautiful old floor boards, which are being repaired and retained.

The old art of stencilling has returned in force and floors are receiving the stencil treatment to give a unique and attractive floor surface. Stencil patterns are often painted around the edge of a room or down the outside edges of a hallway.

Some people will paint a full design on the center of a large room, either using stencils or freehand work. This is an inexpensive option for a decorative floor and something that can be managed by most DIY enthusiasts. Floor rugs can be added where extra warmth or texture is required.

A floor rug is very versatile as a decorating accessory and as a covering for a timber floor. A rug will define a particular area, like sofas by a fire, under a dining table; they help to absorb noise, protect floors from scratching and provide warmth on hard floor surfaces.

They add color and texture to a room and add a feature to the decor. Rugs of every shape, size and texture are available from a wide range of stores. There are old, antique designs, Persian rugs and dhurries, cotton, wool and silk rugs, handmade and machine woven—they are all available for the home.Get more interior deigning ideas by Clicking Here.

The range of colors are amazing—any color you need to match to your decor is there, or choose the rug first and decorate the entire room around the colors and textures in the rug. Make the rug the focal point of the room.

Tiled floors. Tiles have enjoyed a surge in popularity as well, possible because of the amazing range of beautiful ceramic, porcelain, marble and granite tiles now available.

There are modern designs, reproduction and Italian designs to suit any decor. Many new homes are being tiled throughout the entrance, hallways and living areas and rugs are being used to define areas and provide warmth where needed. Tiles are extremely hard wearing and make an idea surface for a growing family.

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